Exhibits by Rod Davis

01/03/2017 al 30/06/2017 / Exhibit of the artworks by the artist, Rod Davis.


Choir Concert

29/04/2017 / Aitzuri Abesbatza and Ars Nova Choir. Program: ''Missa a Buenos Aires'', by Palmieri

Music Precio Free

Festivities in honour of Jesus of Nazareth

21/04/2017 al 03/05/2017 / From 21st of April to 3rd of May, Holidays with running of Bulls (vaquillas), music performances, fireworks displays, "mascletà" firecracker show (separate program)


Bous al carrer (Running of bulls)

26/04/2017 al 29/04/2017 / From 26 to 29 April, Bull Arena tickets, running of Bulls, Jesús Nazareno Holiday Festivities.


Atrás Adelante