Workday: Is an author’s eco-cultural tourism possible?

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Starting time : 19:00

Ending time: 22:00

08/06/2021, 10/06/2021 /

Training workday to improve the qualifications of the personnel in the sector who are unemployed.

For more information or to register free of charge, interested people can contact: “Creama Xàbia” at the telephones: 965793604 or 965794266 or send an e-mail to: adl-xabia@creama.org

The workday will be telematic.



This is a course about eco-cultural tourism, taught by Toni Barber, which shall deal with the possibilities of the actions which provide added-value to natural and cultural environments, the importance of offering quality in the services related to sustainable, fair and solidarity tourism.

Professional alternatives will also be discussed in sectors such as professional guide, educator or provider of tourist services.


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