22/03/2024 al 22/06/2024

Starting time: Not specified - Ending time: Not specified

Zone: Recoleto Creative

The "Happytecture" exhibition by Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda celebrates the joyful and surrealist architecture by means of their characteristically photographic style full of color and creativity. Submerge into a world where buildings come alive and imagination overflows in each image captured by this talented couple of artists. More information and reservations: https://www.recoleto.com/art-exhibitions Location: Casa Recoleto, C/ Azorín, 4.  


La sal azul (The blue salt)

01/06/2024 al 18/07/2024

Starting time: Not specified - Ending time: Not specified

Zone: GudzGallery

The exhibition suggests a poetically evocative image related to the Mediterranean sea and landscape. Salt, which is a common element in the marine environment and the blue color, which characterize the sky and water submerge you in the philosophy of the scenery and the essence of the Mediterranean. It is a reflection about the relationship of humans with their environment as well about the uniqueness and beauty of the Mediterranean as a geographical and cultural sapce. More information:  https://gudzgallery.com/es  


75 years of Fogueres in Xàbia

07/06/2024 al 07/07/2024

Starting time: Not specified - Ending time: Not specified

Zone: Ca Lambert

Commemorative exhibition about the 75-year history of Fogueres in Xàbia: a festivity in continual evolution from 1950 up to the present day.  



12/06/2024 al 21/06/2024

Starting time: 16:00 - Ending time: 20:00

Zone: Aulari Creama (Portal del Clot, 2)

Digital qualification activity training program based on the National Catalogue of Professional Qualifications, which will facilitate their accreditation. This program has a duration of 30 teaching hours that will cover 5 transversal skills at a basic level of mastery at both the conceptual and autonomous level. The training actions are based on the following structure: - Digital enabling technologies. 2 hours - Information and digital literacy. 6 hours - Online communication and collaboration. 6 hours- Digital content creation. 6 hours - Network security. 6 hours - Problem solving. 6 hours. Preferential groups: *Women * Low skilled employees *Employees over 45 years old * Employees with functional diversity * Persons belonging to single-parent families * Unemployed people. If you are interested, please contact: Creama Xàbia at: 965793604 or 965794266 or at e-mail: adl-xabia@creama.org  


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