Street parade and blessing of animals


Starting time: 11:00 - Ending time: Not specified

Zone: Pl. de la Constitució (Constitution Square)

This street parade with animals will go along the streets of the Port and the historical city center to conclude at the square: Plaça de la Constitució where the blessing of the animals shall begin.  


Art, history and apitourism

14/01/2024, 10/02/2024

Starting time: 10:30 - Ending time: Not specified

Zone: Monestir Mare de Deu dels Angels

Guided tour and honey tasting. An experience to discover the Montgó mountain by means of its stories, legends or heritage and a visit to "Miel Montgó" (“Montgó Honey”) to learn about the exciting world of bees. Prior reservation required by WhatsApp: 646 87 50 14 (David Gutiérrez, A walk through Art).  

Routes and excursions Precio 35€ (adults), 20€ (children up to 13 years old).

Tom Watson "Glimpse"

15/12/2023 al 15/02/2024

Starting time: Not specified - Ending time: Not specified

Zone: Recoleto Creative

The photographer's jorney began at the age of six sparked by a firecracker and a bottle shaping a unique perspective akin to a camera's monocular vision. Born in the 50's in Staten Island, New York, the artist delved into photography to proof their visual prowess.


"La mirada simbólica" of Esperanza Asensi

24/11/2023 al 14/01/2024

Starting time: Not specified - Ending time: Not specified

Zone: Casa del Cable

The symbolic gaze of Esperanza Asensi. In painting, the symbol reflects the reality and internal subjectivity of the artist, the interior life of the subjects. Women were the preferred subjects in order to express emotions; they are represented as fatal women or capricious virgins. The symbolism of Esperanza Asensi represented in her canvasses includes animals used as symbols with which she makes parallel comparisons with humans.  


San Antonio Fair

12/01/2024 al 04/02/2024

Starting time: 17:30 - Ending time: Not specified

Zone: Av. Palmela Parking Facility      

“Fira i Porrat de San Antoni” (Sant Antoni Fair and Festivity). Separate program.  


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