18/11/2022 al 23/12/2022

Starting time: Not specified - Ending time: Not specified

Zone: Recoleto Creative

The work by Ramon Otting is focused on constructing the wholeness which he finds in nature. From low vantage points and using the dirt clod and soil or the sand and sea water from the place where he finds inspiration, Otting displays the beauty and richness of the shapes and colors of nature. More information and reservations:  https://es.recoleto.com/event-details/ramon-otting  


Theater play in English: "The Mousetrap"

22/11/2022, 26/11/2022, 29/11/2022 al 30/11/2022

Starting time: 17:30 - Ending time: Not specified

Zone: Jávea Players Studio Theatre

Directed by: Claire Schoonover and Penny Grant The most famous murder mystery by Agatha Christie and her most represented play celebrate their 70-year anniversary.  

Theatre Precio 12,00€ -Venta de entradas www.javeaplayers.com

Anton Gudzykevych and Mariia Zhurykova

11/11/2022 al 07/01/2023

Starting time: Not specified - Ending time: Not specified

Zone: GudzGallery

Zhurykova, painting, sculpture and ceramics at the Art Gallery: Gudzgallery. Timetable: From Monday to Saturday, 11:00 - 14:00 or also with prior appointment outside the timetable. Additional information at:  https://gudzgallery.com/es    


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