Helga Grollo - "El revés de la trama"

13/08/2021 al 14/09/2021

Starting time: Not specified - Ending time: Not specified

Zone: Isabel Bilbao Galeria

Using textile collage, fixed on a board or stretched on a frame, the artist applies the Japanese value of the Kintsugi as a reference for her research. The Kintsugi theory recommends the conservation and recovery of damaged objects which formerly had a specific and important function. Using old burlap sacks, linen, jute or cotton fabrics, she has generated large textile surfaces sewn or bonded, partially or completely.       Stained or painted, intervened with letters or highlighting the broken and worn areas, they wish to convey moods and a range of variable sensations.  


Art SET Cable

23/07/2021 al 12/09/2021

Starting time: Not specified - Ending time: Not specified

Zone: Casa del Cable

Collective exhibition with the artwork by the creative artists: Juan Antonio Caravaca, Jaume Monfort, Fuensanta Niñerola, Toni Marí Sart, Tomás Sivera Vallés, Natalia Ribes Hankins and Francesc Marzal.    


"Disorder & Resist"

08/09/2021 al 27/09/2021

Starting time: 19:30 - Ending time: Not specified

Zone: Recoleto Creative

Exhibition by the artist VIANI. Inauguration: Wednesday, 8th of September at 19:30 where you may meet the artist in person and see her work. To enjoy her presence, you must reserve in advance at the following link: https://es.recoleto.com/event-details/viani El chef Alberto Ferruz, the winner of two Michelin stars at the Restaurante BonAmb, shall prepare "El arte efímero de la gastronomía" (“The brief art of gastronomy”, on 27th of September at 20:00, at the exhibition by the resident artist VIANI. More information about the event and reservation of places at the link: https://es.recoleto.com/event-details/alberto-ferruz-the-ephemeral-art-of-gastronomy-2  


Atrás Adelante