Michèlle Dandrieux

22/09/2018 al 23/10/2018

Starting time: Not specified - Ending time: Not specified

Zone: Isabel Bilbao Galeria

It is not by chance that for the third time Michèlle Dandrieux has a solo show at IB Galería.As her own life has always been linked to art, it is natural that her work has undergone changes that go a from deep concern on formal aspects to her current approach to action, to real, daily life. Therefore it is necessary to periodically review her work.


V Tradidanses Xàbia 2018


Starting time: 10:00 - Ending time: Not specified

Courses of boleros de Algemesí, taught by Enric Olivares, dance teacher of Les Llauradores d'Algemesí. At 10pm at the Plaza de la Iglesia, shows of boleros with the popular dance group Les Folies de Carcaixent and Llauradores d'Algemesí.

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