Dramatized route. "El Quijote de la Plana"

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Starting time : 19:00

Ending time: Not specified

Place: Mare de Déu dels Àngels Sanctuary

12/08/2020, 26/08/2020 /

Language: Spanish.

Dramatized route. "El Quijote de la Plana"

Routes and excursions 8€ Adulto / 4 € de 8 a 14 anys.

In a place of Les Planes, between the Sanctuary of La Virgen María de Àngels and the Windmills of Xàbia, lived a "Planer" in love with love, a friend of fantasy who was totally committed to the adventure of living. This storyteller tells us about the geography of our mountain with some Characters inspired by Don Quijote de Cervantes.

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