Sorolla en el puerto y Cala Tangó - In English

10/06/2022, 24/06/2022

Starting time: 09:30 - Ending time: Not specified

Zone: Port Fish Market

Learn about Sorolla's visits to Xàbia through David Gutiérrez, who brings us closer to his paintings, the landscapes that inspired him, the light, the sea, the traditions and his people. In English. Prior registration required by phone. 646875014    

Routes and excursions 10€

Victor Goikoetxea | Materia en Movimiento

18/06/2022 al 31/07/2022

Starting time: Not specified - Ending time: Not specified

Zone: Recoleto Creative

“Matter in Movement” the proposal by Victor Goikoetxea is a continuous challenge which transcends known techniques and the scale of his own artwork or action.    


Fogueres de Sant Joan (St. John’s Fire Festival)

10/06/2022 al 24/06/2022

Starting time: Not specified - Ending time: Not specified

Zone: Xàbia Històrica

Upon the arrival of summer, Xàbia celebrates the long-awaited Bonfire Monuments of San Juan 2022. From the 10th until 24th of June, the streets and squares of Xàbia Historical City Centre will be full of music and local color to commemorate these participatory and traditional holiday festivities.  


LOS COLORES DEL AGUA. Watercolor painting in a large format

13/06/2022 al 15/10/2022

Starting time: Not specified - Ending time: Not specified

Zone: Hotel Sol de Jávea

“Los colores del agua” (“The colors of water”) is a tribute to the sea that bathes the Xàbia coasts. According to their creator, the exhibition, which is housed in the Hotel Sol in Jávea , “is designed to express the huge chromatic range that the sea provides to us depending on the moment and what it provokes in us”. However, their author goes beyond the sea as a natural eco-system and extrapolates it “as a reflection of the sky which represents the soul” and with the poetic line of the horizon as the barrier that unites and divides the sky and soul with each other.      


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