Short films with environmental themes

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Starting time: 19:30

Ending time: Not specified

Zone: Culture Centre

06/06/2024 al 07/06/2024 /

Exhibition of short films with environmental themes organized by the SunCine film festival.


On the dates of June 6th-7th in the framework of the 1st Environment Week in Xàbia, jointly with the organization of the Suncine film festival, the following short films with environmental themes shall be screened, with the aim to create a space of contemplation for citizens in favor of positive social chance and sustainability and in this way, face the major climate change emergency. The following short films shall be screened at the Casa de Cultura:

Operación pacífico (Chile, Alejandra Araya, 2023)

Voces del agua (Argentina, Juan Fernández Gebauer, 2023)

The Trash Cycle (Portugal, Camera with no name, The Trash Traveler)

Mujeres de la tierra (Brazil, Oriane Laurie Marie Descout, 2023)

Mammi al volanti (Italy, Giulio Tonincelli, Paolo Fossati, 2023)

Gran estreno (USA, An Tran, 2023).


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