Theater: "Esqueix. Un estiu al teu ventre"

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Starting time: 20:00

Ending time: 21:00

Zone: Culture Centre

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09/03/2024 /

"Esqueix. Un estiu al teu ventre" immediately takes us to the present. A present revisited by means of time games but which do not permit any escapes. It is the acceptance of what we have been given, the legacies engraved in the bone marrow from which it is impossible to flee. The responsibility of the present moment for what we leave behind. We want to create a space for reflection and review about the coexistence between what we have inherited and the need to look for other methods.



The heirs of a generation and model of civilization which has sustained us and from which we need to break away to create new roots and accordingly stop perpetuating the generational loop in which we are trapped. Shedding light on these repetitions helps us to discover our own voice, which differentiates us but also draws on what has sustained us.


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