"Faüla" Show

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Starting time: 18:00

Ending time: 19:00

Zone: Pl. de la Constitució (Constitution Square)

28/11/2023 /

In commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the theater company, "Dos en Vilo" shall feature an aerial circus show to reveal how the identities of “girl, teenager and woman” are constructed and deconstructed. A show suitable for all ages.



Faüla is the story about the transformation of two women and a cage. A multi-disciplinary clown show for all ages.

A unique aerial scenography that will allow the public to immerse themselves in this folkloric world, based on the innocence of two girls who are growing up and discovering their own limits. This show proposes a reflection: not everything that is taken for granted is what allows us to be who we are. Consciousness, sisterhood, creativity, love and above all, self-confidence will make them freer, more real, stronger.

Faüla is a tribute to our elderly women. They initiated the change so that we can tell this story today. Faüla is a journey towards the contemporary woman, who continues to break down limits and conquer freedoms. Being born, growing up, being confined, breaking everything and getting out.

Two women and a cage are the main characters in this play. From childhood to adulthood, they go through different experiences that shape them until they become trapped. This show will reveal the norms that are imposed on women and that are often hidden in education, family, femininity and obedience. Faüla is a dialogue with the limits imposed both outside and inside their heads. An emotional spectrum to understand that the key to the cage is inside them. A path to liberation, a glimpse of hope, a journey towards female empowerment.

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