Monologue Night with Luis Álvaro

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Starting time: 22:00

Ending time: Not specified

Zone: Parador de Turismo Jávea

28/07/2023 /

Luis Álvaro: An exploiter of clichés, able to extract gold from quarries that seemed to be empty. And beyond all definitions, a comedian: a person who lends us his time, his body and his voice so that we can relax our jaws in laughter. We rely on him not only to briefly escape our routine but as a protest gesture: the more that freedom of speech is threatened, the more politics must support this subversive humor. If you have not had the chance to see Luis Álvaro in action, now is the perfect opportunity. Don’t miss it. https://www.whimsyplans.com/producto/luis-alvaro-parador-de-javea/ 19€

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