Xàbia Folk 2019 - MUJERES CON RAÍZ

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Hora inicio: 12:00

Hora fin: Not specified

Zone: Santa Llúcia (St. Lucy) Hermitage

28/04/2019 /

They present their album "Las edades de la vida", a well-deserved tribute to the traditional female voice, which owns a large part of the oral heritage of the peninsular southeast. Voices of intimate and familiar songs, of task in the field, of songs of celebration ... women who musicalized all the ages of the life.

Components: Carmen María Martínez Salazar (voice and castanets), Mari Cruz Sánchez López (voice), Tomás García Martínez (guitar, tambourines and choirs), Juan José Robles Mayol (guitar, guitar, lute, bandurria and choirs), R. Enrique González Sáez (percussions and choirs).


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