Concert by Arianna Savall and Petter Udland Johansen

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Starting time : 21:00

Ending time: Not specified

Place: San Bartolomé (St. Bartholomew) Church

17/03/2017 /

Trio with the Il Viaggio d’Amore program. Trip of Love through Europe from the Renaissance up to the present.

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They are accompanied by instruments as diverse as the music itself: the triple harp, invented in Italy at the time of Monteverdi, before arriving in England with the French court, where it was not only appreciated by King Charles I, but also quickly by the popular musicians of Scotland and Ireland; the Cittern, a taut string instrument string also played by the Reformation Priest, Martin Luther; And Hardingfele, the most important instrument of Norwegian folk music which, in addition to its four violin strings, also features sympathetic strings

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